SPRNG’s cartoon-like visions are usually inhabited by fictional, androgynous characters – round faces, wide eyes, sometimes with a childlike naivety – who embody a primary, universal form of humanity. Less based on reason, but more on intuition.
SPRNG’s work might refer to primitive art and to become familiar with the extra-terrestrial beings and the animistic belief that a spiritual force flows through both the living and the mineral worlds. SPRNG’s fairy-like creatures invite the viewers to recognize themselves in the work.

Although the works differs greatly in style, they belong to the same conceptual idea. Their genesis comes from the same intuitive source, a narrative figuration, which SPRNG compares to automatic writing.


° Sint-Truiden / Lives and works in Ocquier (near Durbuy) & Hasselt- Belgium 

Arts and applied arts / Option animation film / SHIVKV / Genk / Belgium

Drawing and Painting Master classes / 14th-17th methods and techniques / Amsterdam / NL 

Aesthetically influenced by ‘the great masters’, minimalism, urban & pop art, superflat

bear 1 / 2

100 x 72 cm


Steinbach 240 grams

Marieke Lucas

4 x 30 x 40 cm


Chinese paper 70 grams

bear in heaven

200 x 119 cm

mixed media

recycled polucraft paper 400 grams


20 x  30  cm

watercolor / bister

extrta white paper 200 grams


20 x  30  cm

ink / watercolor

recycled  paper 120 grams

L'enfant sauvage (rewild yourself)

110 x 76,5 cm

black ink

25 ex - glicée on fine art paper german etching 310 grams


20 x  30  cm

ink / gouache

recycled  paper 120 grams


24 x  30  cm


recycled  paper 120 grams

sweeter than whine

60 x 60 cm

red wine (Merlot), acrylic

fine-art paper 200 grams


boy (beats & peaces)

40 x 50 cm

Tesacrepp© tape

grey cardboard 200 grams


madame butterfly

39 x 41 cm

mixed media

white paper 200 grams

coyote in the Park

72 x 90 cm

mixed media

white paper 200 grams